Extreme sports insurance and ski safety tips are important for starting the season

extreme sports Insurance - ski

Skiers are cautioned to start the winter off right by taking appropriate precautions. In some areas of the world, the ski season has already started and is in full tilt, but a snowboarding accident in Chamonix is serving as a reminder that extreme sports insurance is just as vital this year as it has been in previous years. A British student is currently on life support because of a crash experienced on the slopes. The Alps are currently having record snowfalls, which could mean a good season, but it is…

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Travel insurance company requires skiers to wear helmets

Travel insurance ski helmet

The decision made by the insurer is becoming an increasingly common one for skiing and snowboarding coverage. Another travel insurance company has joined in the new trend that requires additional safety equipment to be worn by skiers and snowboarders who want to be covered while they enjoy their sports. Though good gloves and a thick jacket are common protective attire, helmets are becoming required. Though ski helmets are most commonly seen on children when they hit the slopes, an increasing number of adults are also wearing the head protection following…

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