Trupanion pet insurance company slammed with $100k fine

Trupanion pet insurance - Gaval - Judge - Fine

The Seattle-based insurer is being sanctioned by the commissioner’s office for the third time in four years. For the third time since Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler took office four years ago, his office has sanctioned Trupanion pet insurance. The animal health insurance company was fined for a number of different behaviors and activities. Trupanion Managers USA, a unit of the publicly traded Trupanion pet insurance company, was fined for a number of its marketing activities. These include: • Paying an unlicensed website for pet insurance marketing and lead generation, •…

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Washington fines insurers for undisclosed rate changes

Insurance Companies Under Audit

Six insurance companies have been targeted for fines by state insurance commissioner, Mike Kreidler. He has ordered the companies to pay a total of $534,000 after an investigation found that the companies frequently failed to document rate changes in their commercial policies only. The companies write business for personal and commercial risks and are subsidiaries of New Jersey company, Chubb & Son. Companies cited: Federal Insurance Company Pacific Indemnity Company Great Northern Insurance Company Executive Risk Indemnity, Incorporated Last November, Kreidler threatened to suspend the companies for nine month, but the…

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