Health insurance for same sex couples in Indiana causing confusion

same sex gay marriage health insurance

Since a judge struck down the unconstitutional ban on gay marriage on Wednesday, hundreds have been married. While those hundreds of new same sex couples have been legally married in Indiana, they still face some confusion regarding health insurance benefits, as the state continues to await the decision regarding Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s filing for a stay. Until that decision is made these newlyweds don’t know whether their health benefits cover each other. At the moment, there does not appear to be any clear answer to whether or not the…

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Health insurance challenging for children of same sex couples

same sex health insurance

The kids of families with parents of the same sex are not as likely to have private coverage as those of opposite-sex couples. According to the results of a recent data analysis, the children of families with same sex parents don’t have the same likelihood of having private health insurance as the children of parents of the opposite sex. The analysis looked into the penetration of coverage among children of various couple dynamics. The analysis was conducted by Gilbert Gonzales, MHA, and Lynn A. Blewett, PhD, from the State health…

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Health insurance inequities could be corrected by Supreme Court ruling

Same Sex health Insurance

Many are hoping that the decision will help to change the coverage system in for same sex married couples. Supporters of a decision by the Supreme Court to void the Defense of Marriage Act are saying that it could help to eliminate inequities that have been occurring in health insurance benefits, COBRA coverage, and taxation, among other areas. Though the coverage has been possible for same sex couples in some states, it still comes with a cost. For example, there are couples in Vermont who have been married since the…

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