Home Warranties and the Real Estate Market: Is it worth your money?

Home Warranties

Home Warranties And The Market… In the real estate market, most homeowners find themselves at the mercy of their Realtors and their expertise. When buying and selling homes, people rarely have time to research home warranties, interest rates, appraisers, home inspectors, and all of the other factors and questions that might arise during the process.  So, it is very important to use a qualified, trustworthy Realtor with a good track record and comes recommended by previous customers. One problem with putting so much faith in Realtors is the kickbacks and…

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Home Value Protection to protect Oklahoma homeowners from the decline of their home prices

The Home Value Protection insurance policy – the only one in the United States offering homeowners protection from the catastrophic effects of withered home prices – has now become available to homeowners in Oklahoma. Homeowners who are covered by this policy will have a greater amount of protection for their investments, which is typically the largest they will hold in their lifetimes, as the prices of their homes continue to plummet. Oklahoma is the second state in the country that will have this unique form of insurance policy available to…

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Realtors pressure Congress to reform the National Flood Insurance Program

Realtors have raised an alarm regarding flood insurance. Flood insurance is currently a major, yet little known issue in the U.S. Most homes do not have protection against flood damage and those homes that are required to have such protections as per their mortgage agreements obtain this coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The federal program has been crippled by debt, however, making its future uncertain. If the program does fail, realtors from the National Association of Realtors fear that the still-fragile housing market may not survive the…

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