What Insurance Am I Legally Bound To Carry?

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With all the news about PPI or referred to as Payment Protection Insurance being mis-sold around the world, there can be some confusion as to what insurances we are required by law to have; and that number is very small. PPI was not required in most instances, if not all instances, for a loan to be approved. Yet people were told this and subsequently felt they had to have the insurance in order to be approved for the loan. And the mis-selling began. But what insurance policies are required by…

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Payment protection insurance sparks disputes in the United Kingdom

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UK PPI coverage the subject of controversy The United Kingdom’s Financial Ombudsman Service, a mediation organization that works to settle disputes between consumers and UK businesses, has released information concerning the population’s stance on payment protection insurance (PPI). PPI is a type of insurance that is meant to protect loans and ensure repayment. This type of insurance is quite popular in the UK, but not amongst consumers. It is being reported that UK consumers are complaining about this type of insurance coverage, and the companies providing the coverage, in droves. Claims that…

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