Car Insurance 101: Do You Know How You’re Covered?

Think You’re Paying Alot for Car Insurance? Check Out Other States and See

  Every car nationwide is required to have at least the state’s required minimum liability insurance. If a vehicle is financed through any lender, they will likely require the owner to hold a certain amount of comprehensive and collision coverage on top of the state mandated liability insurance. It is important that drivers in all states know what type of coverage they need on their vehicles and what kind of discounts they are eligible for to keep rates low. Any driver who is educated on the different discounts on their car…

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5 Reasons to avoid Cheap Auto Insurance

High-deductible health insurance enrollees are on the increase

The only reason to get cheap auto insurance is so that you can save money in the long run. But like anything that you buy in life, you get what you pay for. You naturally want to get the best price and service for your money, but what is not a well known fact is all the factors that can actually make choosing a cheaper alternative that can be much more costly for you in the future. Reason 1: What are you covered for? Your eyes have probably lit up…

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What consumers should know when shopping for car insurance; cheap is not always better

Before you hit “Buy Now” consider this when online shopping for car insurance. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive, experts in the industry are reminding drivers that at the time of a collision, there is a significant difference between a good quality auto insurer and policy, and one that is weaker or that offers less. Many consumers are finding this out when trying to save money but learn that fly-by-night insurance carriers are not there for them nor have they been properly advised. Unfortunately, with budgets being tighten, many are…

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More than half of U.K. motorist have serious gaps in their insurance coverage

The results of a recent survey performed by ALA, an independent insurance broker, has determined that over 75 percent of drivers in the United Kingdom do not have enough auto insurance to cover them if their vehicle were ever to be stolen or written off.     According to the survey entitled “Mind the Gap”, the issue among British drivers is that 77 percent of them have not obtained enough coverage to match the value of their vehicle – or at a bare minimum, very affordable financing – should it need to…

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