What consumers should know when shopping for car insurance; cheap is not always better

Online Car InsuranceBefore you hit “Buy Now” consider this when online shopping for car insurance. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive, experts in the industry are reminding drivers that at the time of a collision, there is a significant difference between a good quality auto insurer and policy, and one that is weaker or that offers less. Many consumers are finding this out when trying to save money but learn that fly-by-night insurance carriers are not there for them nor have they been properly advised. Unfortunately, with budgets being tighten, many are not discovering this until it’s too late.

The peace of mind of having a trustworthy and responsible insurer behind you at the time of an accident can make an immeasurable difference. That said, while the majority of people continue to insure their property and homes, many still fail to obtain proper auto insurance. Moreover, those who do have car insurance often try to find the cheapest, regardless of the service they will be receiving.

The first thing that a driver must do is obtain adequate insurance to cover all of the costs that would occur as a result of a collision. This will not necessarily be the least expensive, but it will by far be the most effective in an accident situation. Some things to think about when finding the right limit of liability is; do you own a home to protect in the event of a lawsuit, a savings or retirement account or even a college fund for your children and do you have an educated source for information like the right insurance agent that can help you out.

While liability insurance does provide coverage regarding your responsibility in an accident, it doesn’t cover your vehicle.

Physical damage coverage is therefore highly recommended over liability insurance, alone. Moreover, for a particularly expensive car, such as a luxury car or a classic car, it is important to obtain an additional rider to make sure that your investment in that specific type of vehicle is fully protected for special equipment.

Also, ask your agent if you really need medical coverage and rental car coverage. Consider this, if you have more cars than drivers, save some money and remove rental car coverage – why pay extra for coverage really not needed. Lastly, most insurance professionals suggest keeping your limits of uninsured motorist coverage the same as your liability, this will avoid any confusion in the event of a loss and the cost is minimal.

If all of those reasons weren’t enough, insurers are also reminding drivers that many states legally require a certain amount of car insurance coverage, to avoid having to go to jail if you are ever in an accident.


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