Pennsylvania insurance commissioner promotes education about annuities

Annuities retirement strategy pennsylvania insurance commissioner

Teresa Miller spoke at the Foxdale Village Retirement Community, urging people to understand their finances. Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller spoke to seniors at the Foxdale Village Retirement Community located in State College. Miller focused on the importance for consumers, especially seniors, to take the time to understand annuities. She said this was vital to enabling them to protect their retirement incomes. The insurance commissioner spoke about how people should be educating themselves about this important point. “Annuities are designed as long term investments to provide income over a period…

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New legislation in Pennsylvania could give the state’s Insurance Commissioner new power

Pennsylvania’s Insurance Commissioner may soon be getting more authority to influence the terms of health insurance policies as a new bill gains approval from the state’s Senate Banking and Insurance Committee. The bill would allow the commissioner to extend terms of contracts formed between Highmark Inc., one of the state’s largest insurance companies, and UPMC, a health care provider. The Commissioner would also gain the power to affect policies coming from Highmark, requiring the insurer to make changes if necessary. Both Highmark and UPMC have been unable to reach an…

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Overseer of federal health insurance exchanges resigns

As the federal government continues to push for the establishment of health insurance exchanges, while battling with states that reject the notion, an important member of the Department of Health and Human Services has resigned his position as Director of Health Insurance Exchanges. Joel Ario, once the man responsible for overseeing the program toward exchanges, is vacating his position for unknown reasons. It is unclear who will replace Ario, but HHS officials say that the transition will be as smooth as possible. Ario’s departure comes on the heels of new…

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