Health insurance exchange meets opposition from 29 states

Health Insurance regulation

States refuse to build their own health insurance exchange programs The 29 states that combated the Affordable Care Act for the past two years are now resisting the establishment of health insurance exchanges. These exchanges are required by the federal health care law to be built in each state. Health insurance exchanges are designed to provide consumers with affordable access to coverage and allow U.S. citizens to more easily comply with the law’s health insurance mandate. The states opposing the establishment of health insurance exchanges argue that the health care…

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Oklahoma shelves plans to build its own health insurance exchange

Oklahoma lawmakers have determined that the state will not work to build its own health insurance exchange. The exchange is mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Federal officials claim that insurance exchanges would give consumers access to affordable coverage and help reduce the cost of insurance premiums. Oklahoma legislators are not keen to take this as fact, however, and will wait until the U.S. Supreme Court has reviewed the federal law before they continue to work to comply with the federal government’s mandates. Oklahoma is one of many states that…

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Oklahoma legislative panel suggests building a health insurance exchange

A legislative panel commissioned to determine whether Oklahoma should pursue building its own health insurance exchange system has finally reached a conclusion. The panel released a report to the state’s Legislature recommending action be taken on building an exchange in order to avoid the federal government taking charge and establishing its own. The state has had a rocky history with the concept of the exchange and has been slow to adopt legislation that would make the program possible. The panel is now stressing the importance of building an adequate system…

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