Oil insurance limitations reduced Japan’s Iranian crude imports in April

Oi insurancel tanker ship coverage

Compared to a year ago, the shipments have plummeted to a tiny sliver of what they used to be. As oil insurance sanctions from the European Union and the United States against Iranian crude transportation continue to press on, the size of the imports to Japan have shrunken enormously. When compared to what they had been in April 2012, they were 96 percent smaller in April 2013. Year over year, there has been a reduction of 96 percent in the crude imports to Japan from Iran as a direct result…

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Oil insurance being prepared by Iran for its tankers

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Still trying to recover from the bans in place by the E.U. and U.S. against the coverage and reinsurance. The president of the Bimeh Markazi (Central Insurance) Company in Iran has just announced that Tehran is now prepared to being providing oil insurance to tankers that are transporting crude from the country. They are taking this step as a preemptive step in case the western government sanctions are tightened. Though there are already oil insurance sanctions imposed by the European Union as well as the United States, the country is…

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