Japanese Iranian oil insurance shipping costs to rise this year

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According to recent reports, Japan’s maximum coverage for tankers carrying crude from Iran is expected to rise. According to sources quoted in several oil insurance news reports, Japan is preparing to raise the maximum cover for tankers transporting crude from Iran within the 2015-2016 fiscal year (April-March). This is the result of an increase put into place by the International Group of P&I Clubs, among other factors. The weakening of the Japanese yen, in comparison with the American dollar has also had an effect on the oil insurance protection and…

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Iran oil insurance sanctions may soon be eased

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The recent nuclear deal could cause the sale of crude to rise considerably in the country. Now that a nuclear deal has been reached, it is believed that the Iran oil insurance sanctions may soon be eased, assuming that the country will indeed uphold its end of the agreement. This will mean that big buyers of crude, such as India and China, will be able to boost their imports. One of the elements of the agreement that was reached on Sunday between Tehran and six world powers was that the…

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Oil insurance fund delays shrink Indian imports of Iran crude

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As refiners continue to await the full operation of the program, not as many tankers are leaving Iranian ports for India. The imports of Iranian crude to India have dropped by 40 percent over the span of January through September as a number of refiners in the country have been slashing their purchases as they await the oil insurance coverage that New Delhi has been promising for the coverage of plants provide the local processing. The Western sanctions from Europe and the United States continue to hold back Iran’s export…

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Oil insurance sanctions still affecting South Korean Iran crude imports

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The country had imported 1.97 million barrels per day throughout the month of August. The latest reports regarding the impact of the oil insurance sanctions from the west on Iran regarding the crude that leaves that country’s shores have indicated that South Korea did import 1.97 million barrels per day of Iranian crude throughout the month of August. When compared to the figures from August 2012, this is notably higher, only because the country imported nothing. The oil insurance sanctions had only just gone into effect at that time last…

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Insurance news watchers wonder if new Iran President will promote improvements

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Many are hopeful about changes from President-elect Hassan Rowhani, but others caution against wishful thinking. Iran has made insurance news headlines for over a year, since the world started preparing for the oil sanctions that were implemented in July 2012 prohibiting the coverage of Iranian crude. These headlines continued to be made as some countries found alternatives and while others found new oil sources. The insurance news that was from some of the country’s largest importers, such as India, China and Japan. Though some governments were able to create their…

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