North Carolina Commissioner rejects proposal to increase insurance rates

Home Insurance rates increases rejected

Drivers and property owners are reducing their coverage to afford their premiums North Carolina Commissioner Mike Causey has announced that he recently turned down a request made by insurers to boost homeowners’ insurance rates by an average of 42.2 percent.  In some beach areas, the hike would have been 99.4 percent According to Causey, he was not provided with adequate evidence to support the claim insurers made that they would need to increase insurance rates by that amount. “I haven’t seen the evidence to justify such a drastic rate increase…

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North Carolina home insurance customers could see 42 percent rate hike

Home insurance Hikes - North Carolina

The state’s rate bureau has requested the increase, which would go into effect this summer. This summer, things could be heating up in North Carolina’s home insurance market, as the state rate bureau has requested a massive 42.2 percent rate increase that would go into effect on August 1 if approved. The rate increase request was announced by NC Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey in a news release. The North Carolina Rate Bureau (NCRB) represents home insurance companies that write policies in the state. It is an entity that is completely…

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Homeowners insurance rates receive legislative attention in North Carolina

High-Valued Homeowners Insurance news

Lawmakers approve legislation that will provide consumers with more information concerning their insurance rates The North Carolina House of Representatives have unanimously approved legislation that would provide consumers in the state to receive more time when responding to proposed rate increases on their homeowners insurance policies. The legislation also received votes that will allow it to proceed to the state Senate, where lawmakers will determine whether or not to pass the legislation into law. The legislation will also provide consumers with more information from their insurance providers. Consent to rate…

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Homeowners insurance sector may be in for some changes in North Carolina

homeowners insurance

Legislation aims to bring about significant changes to the homeowners insurance sector Major changes could be coming to the homeowners insurance sector in North Carolina. A new legislation, called the Property Insurance Fairness Act, has managed to make its way through the first few steps of the legislative process, making its way through the state’s House of Representatives. Lawmakers supporting the bill are looking for ways to mitigate the impact of what are known as “once in a century storms,” major events that can cause significant damage to properties. Legislation…

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Property insurance rate reform may be on its way in North Carolina

coastal flood property insurance north carolina

Coastal leaders are seeking new ways to settle these rates, underscoring that this will benefit policyholders across the state. In North Carolina, coastal leaders are currently leading an effort to reform the property insurance rate setting process, while still making sure to point out that the legislation that they are proposing would be to the benefit of people across the entire state and not just those who have homes along the coastlines. The reforms would be based on the belief that there is a flaw in the current rate calculation…

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