Health insurance exchange moves a step forward in New Mexico

Capital Building Santa Fe New Mexico health insurance

Health insurance plans see progress New Mexico is moving one step closer to establishing a state-run health insurance exchange. The effort has received support from both Democrats and Republicans who consider the state’s running its own health insurance exchange could be in the best interests of New Mexico residents. A proposal for the exchange has was the approval of state lawmakers and is now on track to form an operational health insurance exchange that could begin selling policies by October of this year, complying with federal regulations outlined in the…

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New Mexico Medicaid to be expanded

New Mexico Medicade Susana Martinez Governor of NM

New Mexico Medicaid system will be expanded to accommodate more people Last week, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez announced the state’s commitment to expanding its Medicaid program in a move to better align the state with the Affordable Care Act. Per the federal law, states have the option to expand their Medicaid programs in order to make them more accessible to a wider range of people. New Mexico is keen to address some of the issues concerning the lack of health insurance coverage among low-income individuals and families by ensuring…

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Health insurance exchange from New Mexico is on its way

New Mexico insurance state flag

The state’s Republican Governor, Susana Martinez has spearheaded the online marketplace. New Mexico, like all other states in the country, will have a new health insurance exchange in place before the end of the year, and within that particular state, the governor has spearheaded the initiative to ensure that consumers will be able to access the marketplace within the next 10 months. These online marketplaces are at the very heart of the federal healthcare reforms from President Obama. The goal of both the federal healthcare reforms and of the design…

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