Michigan health insurance exchange and Medicaid program find success

Michigan Health Insurance - State Plan

Open enrollment period proves successful for the state’s insurance exchange Michigan’s health insurance exchange has managed to enroll a significant number of people during the latest open enrollment period. According to Get Covered America, some 340,905 people enrolled in the state’s exchange from November 15 last year to February 15 2015. The open enrollment period allowed those without health insurance to find the coverage that they needed. The state’s Medicaid program also experienced a period of growth, as people flocked to find coverage from the program. More than 546,000 people…

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Blue Cross Insurers look to expand into the Medicaid market

Independence Blue Cross, one of Southeastern Pennsylvania’s largest health insurance companies, is looking to expand into the Medicaid market. The company has been spending millions of dollars in the effort to carve out a larger share of the market. The Medicaid market has become a popular target for health insurers looking to offer affordable coverage to those that have fallen on hard economic times. Independence Blue Cross already holds a prominent place in this particular market, but is looking to further its hold as the market grows more lucrative. Michigan’s…

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