Special auto insurance required in Mexico for American tourists

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Over the colder winter months, tourists regularly head south, but their personal policies may not cover them. Driving from the United States of America down south to the United Mexican States is a very common occurrence when a little bit of warmer weather is desired during the winter months, but many Americans don’t know that they will need a special auto insurance policy in order to be able to stay behind the wheel once they’ve crossed the border. A car insurance policy based in the U.S. will not be accepted…

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Auto insurance will be required on all Mexican federal roads

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Though state laws aren’t changing with regards to coverage, federal highways and bridges are different. Coverage is going to be mandatory whether you’re a citizen of the country or you’re driving across the border for a fun vacation, so auto insurance policies should be checked to ensure that they are adequate. New amendments to the laws in the country have determined that car insurance is a necessity for drivers. Though there is still a considerable rate of uninsured drivers in the country, for those who want to head out on…

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Ally Insurance provides tips for drivers vacationing in Mexico

The planning season for holiday travels is already underway, and it is anticipated by experts in the industry that travelers from Mexico and the United States who intend to cross the border by car should become aware of the changes that have been recently made to the temporary vehicle import permit in Mexico. An insurance industry analysis in Mexico has shown that new standardized fees that have been in place since June 2011 will likely be impacting approximately 3 million drivers who will be driving their cars, motorcycles, vans, and…

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