Ally Insurance provides tips for drivers vacationing in Mexico

Mexico InsuranceThe planning season for holiday travels is already underway, and it is anticipated by experts in the industry that travelers from Mexico and the United States who intend to cross the border by car should become aware of the changes that have been recently made to the temporary vehicle import permit in Mexico.

An insurance industry analysis in Mexico has shown that new standardized fees that have been in place since June 2011 will likely be impacting approximately 3 million drivers who will be driving their cars, motorcycles, vans, and trucks into Mexico for vacation, family visits, or for business on an annual basis.

It is believed that in this holiday season, more than one million of those drivers will be crossing the border.

It is recommended that before you try to take your car over the border to Mexico, you should contact an insurance professional who is knowledgeable about the latest transportation requirements and laws for that country.

ABASeguros, an insurance company owned by Ally Financial and based in Monterrey, Mexico, as well as the International Insurance Group (IIG) insurance specialist for Mexico, have offered a number of suggestions for travelers who intend to drive over the border.

Examples of these suggestions include the recommendation that travelers contact the lien holder of the vehicle – that is, if the vehicle has been financed, the company that is holding the loan on that vehicle – as this is a little known requirement for driving into Mexico’s interior, according to the CEO of ABASeguros, Alejandro Gonzalez Davila.

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