Privilege of Buying Medicare Supplement Plans at Lower Rates in Utah

Medicare Enrollment 2011

Utah is one of the few states in the country where you get Medicare supplement plans at much lower costs. There are many reasons why the Medicare plans are less expensive in the states like Utah, Colorado and Nevada even though they have big cities like Salt Lake City, Denver and Las Vegas, in them. One of the most prominent reasons is that these states are healthier states. When you compare the Medicare supplement plans in Utah with other states you will see that they are less expensive. There are…

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Premiums decrease and enrollment increases for Medicare Advantage

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the part of the Medicare program that provides recipients with the ability to select their own private insurance have seen a drop in their premiums by an average of 7 percent, and there has been an increase in enrollment by 10 percent. According to Kathleen Sebelius, a Health and Human Services secretary, this has been an ongoing trend for Medicare Advantage system, which helps to work against the negative forecasts that have been made by those in opposition to the health…

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Standard & Poor’s reports cost of Medicare increasing at its slowest rate in over half a decade

According to data recently released by Standard & Poor’s, over the last year, the revenue increase for hospitals resulting from Medicare patients was about one third over what had been seen from patients who are covered by some form of private health insurance. The S&P Healthcare Economic Index showed that the revenue from Medicare increased by 2.5 percent per hospital patient before June 2011, which is the slowest increase since January 2005, when S&P’s first started to monitor this income. That said, the revenue generated from patients who were covered…

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