Life insurance medical exam may soon be a thing of the past

Life Insurance medical exam

Technology and data services may soon provide an accurate and cost-effective replacement to health tests. A life insurance medical exam is often one of the most dreaded parts of applying for that type of coverage. That said, as systems and data continue to improve, this requirement may not be needed for much longer. This could mean that the added need for blood and urine samples, weigh-ins and blood pressure checks may stop. The reason is that the information obtained through a life insurance medical exam may be replaced by technology…

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What do insurance premiums, the Apple Watch, and the best battery bank have in common?

apple watch mhealth - best battery bank

Smartwatches and other wearables are starting to be considered to be tools for the life insurance industry. Recently, there were two very important announcements in the technology and insurance industries that have suggested that for people who want to keep their premiums down, the best battery bank they can find will soon become a very dear friend. One of the announcements was the official launch of the Apple Watch for sale in the second half of last month. In mid-April, Live Insurance News also reported on an announcement made by…

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Accenture announces unveiling of new cloud based life insurance technology

Insurance Technology

Launches include an underwriting software application and an actuarial calculation engine. Accenture has just announced the release of a new cloud-based edition of its life coverage new business and underwriting software, which has already won awards in its traditional insurance technology format. An element of the Life Insurance Platform, the software suite for Accenture’s life and annuity coverage, is now available with a Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing option. This new form of the software component was created to assist life and annuity insurers to encourage growth and boost…

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