What do insurance premiums, the Apple Watch, and the best battery bank have in common?

apple watch mhealth - best battery bank

Smartwatches and other wearables are starting to be considered to be tools for the life insurance industry.

Recently, there were two very important announcements in the technology and insurance industries that have suggested that for people who want to keep their premiums down, the best battery bank they can find will soon become a very dear friend.

One of the announcements was the official launch of the Apple Watch for sale in the second half of last month.

In mid-April, Live Insurance News also reported on an announcement made by John Hancock, a life insurer, which said that it would be using smartwatches and fitness trackers in order to allow customers to prove that they are a lower risk as a result of their healthy lifestyles. This would give those individuals the opportunity to save on their premiums because they are making active choices to reduce their health risks. The idea is quite similar to that of usage based insurance programs for drivers.

This means that the Apple Watch could become a direct route to cheaper insurance premiums. Of course, this will only work for consumers if their wearable devices don’t run out of juice, meaning that the best battery bank could also become a key tool for keeping premiums to a minimum.

The best battery bank will keep the Apple Watch powered up for the greatest possible life insurance premiums discount.

apple watch mhealth - best battery bankAside from choosing a backup battery pack, there are other things that Apple Watch users can do to make sure that their batteries can last. After all, at best, the smartwatch has been designed to last for 18 hours between charges, but that is based on 90 time checks, a half hour workout with music playback via Bluetooth, 90 notifications, and 45 minutes of app use. What happens if you need to use it much more heavily? What if you forget to charge it overnight?

Along with your power bank, treat your Apple Watch well. Understand its battery usage by checking patterns on your iPhone. This will tell you what apps and activities are draining the most juice. Even the face that you choose can make a difference to the battery life. Choose the most minimalistic form – such as the X-Large clock face – for the greatest efficiency. Limit your notifications to the ones you really need. And, of course, don’t hesitate to rely on the lightest and most portable USB battery pack that you can find. It will make a surprising difference and will ensure that when you’re tracking for your life insurance premiums discounts, there won’t be any data gaps.


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