Insurance marketing display ads are more effective than television

Insurance News about Marketing

A recent report has shown that they are nine times more effective in terms of brand awareness. As insurance marketing techniques are being considered, a recent discovery made by Rocket Fuel might help insurers to make the most effective choices for their needs when their goals are to boost their brand awareness. The research determined that display advertising is nine times more successful than television. Within the research, Rocket Fuel found that digital display advertising for insurance marketing is much better at forming immediate brand awareness for life and auto…

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Life insurance carriers reach out through social media

Social Media Marketing for agents

Some topics do not carry over well into the social media and social networking websites that dominate the internet, which is why companies that sell life insurance are finding new ways to approach something that often reminds people of death and tragedy. A delicate subject There are some things people do not want to talk about with friends and acquaintances and do not want to think about on a daily basis. One of these things is death. Life insurance deals with that subject and those that sell it are looking…

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Study shows online purchases of life insurance on the rise

The results of a study performed by the LIFE Foundation and LIMRA have indicated that Americans – particularly those in younger age groups – would rather make their life insurance purchases online, through the mail, or by phone. Though the majority – 64 percent – of consumers continue to make their life insurance purchases from an insurance agent, that number is rapidly decreasing when compared to the 1996 statistics. In that year, 80 percent of people were buying their insurance in person. According to president and CEO Marvin H. Feldman,…

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Social media plays may play a role in determining insurance rates in the future

Social media has had a noticeable impact upon society. Many rely on social networks to stay in touch with friends and family, but businesses also make use of the social sphere. While companies are quick to establish their own presence on social sites, employers have taken to reviewing the sites of their potential workers to determine whether or not the information they provided during the application process is true. This trend is growing in popularity, and even insurance companies have taken up the practice. There are a number of factors…

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