Missouri Attorney General issues insurance scam warning after natural disasters

Insurance scam warning - Tornado damage

AG Eric Schmitt has warned consumers about fraud and price gauging following tornadoes and flooding. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has issued an insurance scam warning following recent ongoing flooding in the state and the tornado in Jefferson City last week. Schmitt cautioned consumers to be vigilant of scammers when repairs are needed. Schmitt used his insurance scam warning to express his concern regarding price gauging and scammers on the heels of natural disasters in Missouri. He warned people across the state to be wary of construction fraud, price gauging,…

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Charges laid in massive health insurance scam worth $1M in fraud

Health insurance scam - Scam alert

A Florida man has been charged with impersonating a New Jersey doctor to make falsified claims. A Florida man is now facing charges in a massive health insurance scam. To swindle his insurance company out of about a million dollars, he allegedly assumed the identity of a doctor in New Jersey. The man proceeded to file a number of fraudulent claims against his medical plan. By using the New Jersey doctor’s identity, the man allegedly submitted over $1 million in fake insurance claims. The health insurance scam involved services that…

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NYPD caught burning vehicles for fraudulent insurance claims

life insurance scam

The police officer was busted by federal investigators who caught him torching two cars and a Range Rover. Fraudulent insurance claims were the center of a scheme implemented by an NYPD officer. He was caught after having burned a Range Rover in addition to two of his other vehicles. By the time feds caught him, GEICO had already issued at least $34,000 in reimbursement payments. Carlos Becker promised two men money in exchange for their assistance in crashing and burning his Range Rover. That was back in September 2012. The…

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Health insurance scams are targeting consumers in Texas

Texas health Insurance companies

Texas consumers are facing a new wave of scams that could leave them exposed to risks Low-income individuals living in Texas are being targeted by scams that seek to profit off their enrollment in the state’s health insurance exchange, as well as enrollment in HealthCare.gov. Enroll America, a non-profit organization offering free information concerning the enrollment process, has noted that there has been an increase in the sales tactics used to target low-income consumers. The organization suggests that many of these practices could actually be illegal as scammers are charging…

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Minnesota set to fight insurance fraud

Auto Insurance Fraud

Lawmakers are taking steps to fight fraud in the insurance sector Lawmakers in Minnesota are beginning to focus on ways to cut down on insurance fraud. According to state officials, many people come to the state in order to exploit loopholes that exist in current laws, hoping for financial gain on fake medical claims and targeting other insurance sectors. Lawmakers are now drafting legislation that would provide the state’s Commerce Department with an anti-fraud unit, which would work to combat insurance fraud in Minnesota. New anti-fraud unit will help combat…

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