Allstate made the most talkworthy insurance marketing campaign

Insurance marketing campaign - chalkboard - Services

The video game industry and the insurance industry portion of financial services marketed successfully. The most talkworthy insurance marketing campaign was created by Allstate, which beat out all other campaigns in the financial industry. At the same time, PlayStation accomplished the same thing within the video game industry. This, according to a recent analysis by Engagement Labs. These companies created the campaigns about which people were talking the most. The MIT Sloan Management Review published analytics demonstrating the way in which discussions with friends, family and coworkers are a driving…

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Insurance marketing in Illinois uses clever humor to appeal to Millennials

luck plan illinois insurance marketing health insurance

A new campaign is hoping to appeal to a younger demographic, using a little bit of “Luck” A satirical insurance marketing campaign in Illinois has now been released to help to encourage younger adults to sign up for health plans under the Affordable Care Act, with ads featuring the “Luck” plan. Get Covered Illinois is running funny commercials that end with the slogan “You’ll be okay, probably.” This insurance marketing strategy includes ads that promote a fictitious “Luck Plan”, that shows young adults frolicking around Chicago wearing homemade splints made…

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Health insurance marketing focuses on Generation Y females

health insurance marketing young woman

A massive ad campaign has just launched to try to encourage young women to enroll. A massive advertising effort has started, this week, to help to promote health insurance among the young women who have the greatest likelihood of enrolling for a plan and to encourage a broader range of sign ups. These women are also the most likely to encourage their male counterparts to purchase coverage. Males in Generation Y are seen as high risk takers and are more willing to forgo health insurance coverage. However, it is believed…

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Insurance news made as Progressive launches campaign with no Flo

Progressive Insurance news Flo

The latest ads from the insurer are concentrating on values instead of the typical discount focus. The mental image that is called up when thinking about Progressive typically includes Flo, the perky sales clerk who has become the company mascot, though this is not the case in the latest insurance news relating to the insurer’s marketing campaign. The light hearted ads from the insurer have become a signature advertising style. That said, the latest campaign is making insurance news by breaking with their tradition and implementing a much more serious…

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