Allstate made the most talkworthy insurance marketing campaign

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The video game industry and the insurance industry portion of financial services marketed successfully.

The most talkworthy insurance marketing campaign was created by Allstate, which beat out all other campaigns in the financial industry. At the same time, PlayStation accomplished the same thing within the video game industry. This, according to a recent analysis by Engagement Labs.

These companies created the campaigns about which people were talking the most.

The MIT Sloan Management Review published analytics demonstrating the way in which discussions with friends, family and coworkers are a driving force behind an estimated 19 percent of purchases. This shows the importance of having a talkworthy insurance marketing campaign as Allstate was able to achieve.

Among the best methods have to reach their target markets is to develop advertising and marketing that will stimulate conversations among their viewers. This is true regardless of whether they occur in person offline or online via messenger or social media. As ad-supportive television declines, brands need to pay even closer attention to the use of marketing messages that will encourage sharing. In this way, companies can reach a larger number of consumers with convincing content.

The most talkworthy insurance marketing campaign brought Allstate above GEICO and other brands.

According to the Engagement Labs analysis of marketing campaigns from 2018, Allstate rose above the rest in the insurance and financial industries last year. Immediately behind Allstate were GEICO and TD Ameritrade. They were particularly successful when it comes to talkworthy campaigns occurring offline. On the other hand, the companies that drove the most conversations over social media were PlayStation, Red Bull and Nintendo, said a MarketWatch report.

The analysis involved an examination of data from almost 500 consumer brands across a range of different categories. Engagement Labs ranked those brands based on the talkworthiness of their marketing campaigns from 2018. The rankings were assigned based on the likelihood and degree to which people would discuss or share a brand’s advertising or marketing offline (that is, in a conversation occurring face-to-face) or online (that is, over Insurance marketing campaign - chalkboard - Servicessocial media). With Allstate at the top with its insurance marketing campaign, this was a component of Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial Brand Awards series.

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