Insurance company merger between Aetna and Humana will not go forward

Health Insurance company merger Aetna

A federal judge has now ruled in favor of prohibiting the two health insurers from merging. The Justice Department’s decision to stop the insurance company merger between Aetna and Humana has been upheld by a federal judge. These two health insurance giants were appealing the decision with U.S. District Judge John. D. Bates. The original decision to block the merger between the health insurance companies occurred in July 2015. That said, Judge Bates concluded in a 158-page opinion that “The Court is unpersuaded that the efficiencies generated by the merger…

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Amtrak insurance appeal leads to partial victory

Amtrak insurance appeal train railway

The railroad service has now secured a part win in U.S. appellate court in a case dating back to Superstorm Sandy. The latest Amtrak insurance appeal has left the railroad with a partial victory. This is the result of the newest step from the company to obtain insurance coverage payments following Superstorm Sandy. The massive 2012 hurricane caused over $1 billion in damages to the railroad service. Since that time, Amtrak has been trying to recoup some of those losses through its insurance policies. The latest ruling was in the…

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Foo Fighters file lawsuit against Lloyds of London

Foo Fighters Lloyd's of London insurance lawsuit

The band sued the insurance companies in Los Angeles with regard to cancelled shows. The Foo Fighters have now filed a lawsuit against the massive Lloyd’s of London insurance market and other insurers. The suit was filed against the 328 year old insurance companies in Los Angeles. The lawsuit also extends to Roberson Taylor, the broker behind the purchasing of the policies. The lawsuit alleges that the insurance companies and Lloyd’s of London “failed to pay amounts that even they appear to recognize are due and owing.” This was in…

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The Bill Cosby lawsuit filed by AIG is “draining” the celebrity’s resources

bill cosby lawsuit insurance coverage

The entertainer’s lawyers have stated that financial drains are decreasing his ability to successfully defend himself. The lawsuit that was filed by American International Group (AIG) against Bill Cosby has been considerably “draining” on the resources of the celebrity, who is now saying (by way of his lawyers) that this is seriously cutting into his ability to present a successful defense for himself against the allegations of sexual abuse. The reason is that Cosby is currently being required to defend himself simultaneously against several suits. Lawyers representing Bill Cosby told…

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Insurance company sues Winnebago for recreational vehicle fire

Winnebago insurance

The insurer has now filed a grievance on behalf of its client against the massive RV manufacturer. Progressive Classic Insurance Company has now sued Winnebago industries on behalf of its Cleveland, Ohio client, Jerry Harry, at a Mason Circuit Court, with a claim of negligence in a fire that occurred in the RV of the client in 2013. The filing said that a recreational vehicle was purchased by Harry and RV insurance was purchased through Progressive. The vehicle in question is a 2012 Winnebago Vista 35F. It was purchased in…

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Homeowners insurance lawsuit filed by Sandy Hook families

gun insuarnce shooter homeowners

The suit has been filed by the victims of the tragedy, against the property coverage of Nancy Lanza. A total of nine parents of the victims of the Sandy Hook school’s heartbreaking tragedy have now filed a lawsuit against the homeowners insurance of the late Nancy Lanza, marking a new turn in the story of this vicious attack. These new lawsuits against the insurance policy were first reported on March 13, following reports of other suits. About three months ago, a number of the families of the victims of the…

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Former USC player files lawsuit against Lloyd’s over insurance policy

football insurance policy

Marqise Lee had been a first round 2014 NFL draft prospect ahead of the college football season in 2013. Marqise Lee, a former wide receiver from the University of Southern California (USC) is suing over an insurance policy after having been injured in the 2013 college football season, during which he had been considered to be a first round prospect for the 2014 National Football League (NFL) draft. During that season, the player was held back by a knee injury and dropped to the 2014 draft’s second round. Finally, the…

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