Health insurance deadlines for exchanges will be tight

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The dates are rapidly approaching and states and IT firms are scrambling to have everything finished in time. IT firms are in the midst of creating health insurance exchanges that are cloud based and allow for connection with both the states and a federal data hub in order to support determination of eligibility for users. However, the deadline for open enrollment is October 1, and that time is rushing up very quickly. The health insurance exchanges must be open and ready for enrollment by October 1, 2013, according to the…

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Health insurance exchanges in Minnesota facing tight deadlines

Health Insurance Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton

With the start of the legislative session, lawmakers are diving right in to the healthcare overhaul. This week, Minnesota saw the beginning of a fresh legislative session, and Republican and DFL lawmakers have jumped directly into the announcement of a new bill that would implement a central element of the federal healthcare reforms within the state, namely the health insurance exchange. This virtual marketplace would provide an online arena in which residents can shop for coverage. Up to a million residents of Minnesota, in addition to small businesses, will be…

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Health insurance deadline missed by Iowa

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Key date was not met by the state in order to comply with the new federal healthcare law. A key deadline for the states to meet in order to comply with the new federal healthcare laws has come and gone and Iowa’s commissioner has now issued a letter explaining that they will not be able to meet this health insurance exchange planning date. Governor Terry Branstad’s insurance commissioner has confirmed the deadline has been missed. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act gave the states until September 30 in order…

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