Over 200,000 people enroll for health insurance in Washington

Health Insurance rate increases

Washington consumers find the coverage they need through the state’s insurance exchange The open enrollment period for health insurance exchanges has ended and more than 200,000 people have enrolled for coverage in Washington. State officials note that more people may have attempted to acquire coverage through exchanges, but were unable to due to technical difficulties. Those that experienced computer issues are being encouraged to contact Washington Healthplanfinder in order to complete the enrollment process. Though the open enrollment period is over, those with partially completed enrollment applications could be granted…

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New York health insurance exchange set to meet its goal

New York Health Insurance

Enrollments in the state are on track with where it had expected to be and what it hoped to achieve. So far, while the implementation of the most public facing element of the healthcare reforms has been rather rocky, things appear to be perfectly on track with the New York health insurance exchange, as it has seen over 100,000 people enrolling and feels that it is on track to be able to reach the goals that it has set. With only two weeks left in which residents are able to…

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