2023 Global Insurance Symposium to Focus on ‘Thriving in a Changing World’

Downtown Des Moines Insurance news

April 18-20 event to feature new tech, industry leaders & networking Des Moines, Iowa, November 14, 2022: The Global Insurance Symposium (GIS) announced its 2023 conference will be held on April 18-20 at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center in Downtown Des Moines. This event draws insurance leaders from around the world for three days of keynotes and panel discussions led by preeminent executives and dignitaries on pressing issues facing the industry, interactive demonstrations of new technologies and opportunities for attendees to help shape the future of insurance. Presented…

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Insurance commissioners across the U.S. seek to combat the cyber attack threat

Cyber Insurance policies commissioners industry

They are now working with American federal legislators to help to combat the evolving nature of data breaches. State insurance commissioners have announced that they will be working in partnership with federal legislators in order to try to improve defenses against the damage being caused by the rapid evolution of cyber threats. At the same time, these industry regulators aren’t seeking to adopt new national regulations or legislation over their own authority. The insurance commissioners do want to try to combat the increasing threat from cyber attacks and data breaches,…

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Long term care insurance prices raise concerns

Long Term Care Insurance Premiums on the Rise

Insurance commissioners in nearly every state are alarmed as they have nearly no authority to stop these skyrocketing rates. Across the country, state authorities are finding that the price of long term care insurance coverage is heading sky high at an increasingly rapid rate, and at the moment, they don’t have much in terms of power when it comes to actually controlling this issue. Regardless of claim history or health status, insurance premiums are rising at a staggering pace. It is not unheard of – or even uncommon – for…

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Health insurance issues place regulators in a difficult position

health insurance exchange problems

Health insurance regulations continue to cause problems Insurance Commissioners throughout the U.S. have been placed in a difficult situation. Earlier this month, President Obama announced that insurance companies could continue to honor substandard health insurance policies rather than cancelling these policies because they do not comply with the standards of the Affordable Care Act. This is meant to create a transition period wherein consumers can have a reprieve from cancellations and insurers can better prepare to comply with federal law. The problem, however, is that many Insurance Commissioners have been…

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Insurance Commissioners show concern over late release of regulations

Health Insurance book report law

Insurance Commissioners worried that late issuance of regulations could harm implementation of Affordable Care Act After years of criticism for not providing enough guidance in regards to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has begun issuing rules concerning the law at a rapid pace. These rules may help some states comply with the federal law in a more comprehensive manner, but their delayed issuance could also be creating some significant problems. Insurance Commissioners throughout the country have begun expressing concerns over…

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