Health insurance exchange in Illinois to start moving ahead

Health insurance Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

The state has decided that it will be implementing the program for its residents. Even before hearing the results of the presidential election, Illinois decided that the health insurance exchange would go full steam ahead according to the federal healthcare overhaul’s regulations. Governor Pat Quinn released the intentions to move forward before knowing who the next president would be. Officials from the state are already reviewing five different bids for developing and building the health insurance exchange for the state in order to be able to maintain control over that…

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Health insurers required spending law or your check is in the mail!

A year has passed since the health care reform bill, the Affordable Care Act, was signed into law. Many used the opportunity to hold events that publicized the perceived “broken” promises of the law, but in Illinois, insurance officials are arguing that consumers are better off now than they were without it. The Illinois Insurance Department Director, Michael McRath, has said that in the next year some consumers will be receiving rebates as a result of the law’s requirements. “There is some disruption and definitely some discomfort among insurers,” says…

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