Health insurance exchange in Illinois to start moving ahead

Health insurance Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

The state has decided that it will be implementing the program for its residents.

Even before hearing the results of the presidential election, Illinois decided that the health insurance exchange would go full steam ahead according to the federal healthcare overhaul’s regulations.

Governor Pat Quinn released the intentions to move forward before knowing who the next president would be.

Officials froHealth insurance Illinois Governor Pat Quinnm the state are already reviewing five different bids for developing and building the health insurance exchange for the state in order to be able to maintain control over that feature of the Affordable Care Act, as opposed to handing it over to the federal government.

By 2014, all states must have a working health insurance exchange in place for their residents and small businesses.

Individuals and small businesses in Illinois will be able to use the online health insurance exchange to shop for coverage plans by comparing prices and policy features. The intention of these programs is to make it easier and more affordable to buy the coverage that is required by the healthcare reforms.

Though some states were hesitant to make any decisions regarding whether they wanted to run their own health insurance exchanges until they found out who won the presidential election – because they didn’t want to put all of the money, time, resources, and effort into a program that risked being discontinued – Romney expressed support for the states that intended to create their own programs.

Therefore, with both Obama and Romney behind the state run health insurance exchanges, Illinois and other states started to feel more confident about moving ahead. Romney said that he would work to repeal the healthcare law, but that he would still stand behind the individual states that had established their exchanges.

There are currently 15 states, including Illinois, that are in the process of creating their health insurance exchanges. These 15 are among the largest in the country and represent approximately half of the country’s population. Most of them decided right off the bat that they would be managing their own programs, though others wavered for a while as they considered the benefits and drawbacks of each of their choices.

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