Fraud and Scams That Can Easily Hit You or Your Family and How to Protect Yourselves

In a world with ever-changing and advancing technology, our habits and schedules regularly shift. The way we utilize that technology changes regularly, and often for the better. But, as technology shifts, so do various fraud and scam operations.  Thanks to generational gaps, fraud and scam techniques can affect anyone in your family, from your senior parents to your children. It’s crucial to be vigilant when it comes to both old and new “techniques” scammers like to use. Educating yourself and the people you love can make a big difference when…

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Unemployment insurance fraud spikes as identity theft rises in pandemic crisis

Unemployment insurance fraud - woman's face - binary code

North Dakota is a clear example of this troubling trend throughout the first half of 2020. Identity theft has become much more prevalent during the pandemic crisis, leading to a tremendous surge in unemployment insurance fraud filings. Claims of identity theft have taken off during the first six months of 2020. The Consumer Protection Division of the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office has processed more claims relating to identity theft in the first half of this year than in any other complete year on record, said attorney Parrell Grossman, speaking…

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Allstate identity protection gets a boost with InfoArmor acquisition

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The insurer is expanding its ability to cover consumers against growing ad increasingly common risks. The Allstate Corporation is upping its presence in identity protection with a new agreement for InfoArmor, Inc. acquisition. This deal gives the insurance company the opportunity to raise its potential within this market. Identity theft is a growing area of concern among consumers who want to protect themselves. InfoArmor is a leading employee identity protection provider. It currently protects over 1 million employees and the members of their families. It covers the workers at over…

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Identity theft insurance recommended for some Anthem customers

Identity Theft insurance

After the huge cyber attack that caused a data breach at the insurer, agents are recommending protection. At the end of last week, Anthem revealed that it had experienced a massive cyber attack in which up to 80 million customers may have had their sensitive information compromised, and now agents are recommending that identity theft insurance be purchased in order to protect against the type of damage that those cyber criminals could potentially inflict. The customers whose data was exposed in the hack could have their ID stolen, which could…

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Businesses need more than cyber insurance

identity theft cyber insurance

The world is becoming more integrated with technology and this is beginning to change the way the insurance business works. With businesses beginning to enter into the digital space in order to more effectively engage consumers, the need to protect themselves from cyber attacks is beginning to increase. Many businesses to not take the steps necessary to protect themselves from digital threats, so insurers are beginning to serve as a safety net, but even the insurance industry cannot protect companies from every threat in the digital world. The digital risks…

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