Homeowners insurance reminder issued by State Farm about multiple claims

homeowners insurance policy multiple claims

The insurer released this statement because many policyholders feel it should work like a bank account. State Farm has issued a reminder to homeowners insurance policyholders to help them to keep in mind that a policy is not the same as a bank account, so the premiums being paid are not an amount that is being amassed so that it will be guaranteed to be available later on. The statement was made in response to many policyholders’ shock when it didn’t function as a savings account. This has become quite…

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Homeowners insurance claims from West should be sent to FEMA if unresolved

West Texas fertilizer plant explosion - homeowners insurance

Officials are urging residents to send their claim paperwork to the organization for assistance. Officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have made an announcement to the residents of West who were affected by the blast and who have unresolved or declined auto, business, or homeowners insurance claims. FEMA is seeking the settlement or denial letters for its Disaster Recovery Center to send federal aid. They are asking business, auto, and homeowners insurance policyholders to send this documentation sooner, rather than later, so that the federal aid claims can…

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Homeowners insurance claims from Oklahoma tornado could exceed Joplin

Homeowners insurance losses oklahoma tornado

The state commissioner has reported that the damage caused by the E5 will be in the billions of dollars. John Doak, the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner, has stated that it is likely that the tornado that struck the Oklahoma City suburb will generate homeowners insurance claims that will be higher than the twister that hit Joplin, Missouri in 2011. Doak stated that Joplin’s storm caused about $3 billion in damage, and that “This will likely exceed that.” The commissioner made his statement after having toured the devastated area. He said that…

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Many homeowners insurance claims in New Jersey go unpaid

Homeowners flood Insurance hurricane sandy damage

  Homeowners insurance claims from Hurricane Sandy remain unpaid Over the past several months, new concerning Hurricane Sandy has been somewhat steady. The powerful storm struck the Eastern U.S. back in October 2012, but its effects are still being felt presently. The storm struck New Jersey particularly hard and has caused several problems in the realm of homeowners insurance, especially as many consumers expressed confusion over the coverage they had for their properties. Report sheds light on troubled financial landscape in wake of powerful storm The report comes from the…

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Insurance news from Superstorm Sandy continues with legal battles

Hurricane Sandy Damage flood Insurance surcharge

Victims of the storm are seeking lawyers to help them when they head to the courts. Victims of Superstorm Sandy are continuing to face considerable challenges which are making insurance news headlines as these individuals and families are now seeking legal representation in order to help them to obtain the funds that they feel are owing to them from their insurers. In many cases, it is not that the insurers haven’t paid out, but that the policyholders feel that damage was underestimated. One instance of this type of insurance news…

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Consumer satisfaction in homeowners insurance sector continues to climb

J.D. Power Report Homeowners Insurance

Report highlights satisfaction among homeowners insurance customers J.D. Power and Associates has released a new study concerning consumer satisfaction in the homeowners insurance market. The study, entitled “J.D. Power and Associates 2013 Property Claims Satisfaction Study,” claims that homeowners insurance customers are more satisfied with their claims when dealing with insurance agents rather than their insurance providers directly. The study also indicates that general satisfaction with the way insurers handle claims continues to rise despite two years of heavy losses due to natural disasters. Satisfaction is off to a good…

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New York regulators take strong action on homeowners insurance claims

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance claims targeted by state regulators Regulators in New York are pressing hard against the insurance industry in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The storm caused havoc throughout the state, leaving many properties damaged by widespread floods and strong winds. In the months that followed, victims of Hurricane Sandy struggled with their homeowners insurance providers in order to get their claims processed and receive the money they need to recover. Insurers, however, have been sluggish in handling these claims, leading state regulators to take more action for the sake…

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