Homeowners insurance company warns of Friday robbery spikes

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According to a data analysis conducted by Aviva Canada, home burglaries dramatically rise in summer months, too.

Burglar Alarm Discount homeowners insuranceWhile the majority of us may look forward to Fridays because it means that we’re headed toward a weekend of fun and relaxation, a homeowners insurance company is now warning property owners to take extra precautions on that day as it is also a favorite time for burglaries.

A large national home insurer has conducted a data analysis and showed that certain times are far worse than others.

Aviva Canada’s data analysis showed that the number of homeowners insurance claims related to burglaries dramatically spikes during the summer months, and that Fridays are the worst time of the week for these robberies. August appears to be the time of the season in which this is the most striking. The reason, according to the vice president of claims for that insurer, Wayne Ross, is that many Canadians enjoy travel during the summer, and this presents a perfect opportunity for thieves to be able to enter the property.

The homeowners insurance company warned that thieves will often watch the owners’ patterns and then strike when they leave.

Ross said that “Typically they will scope out your home, they follow your patterns, and when you leave, away they go.” When it comes to a breakdown of the regions where these break ins are occurring, it appears to be Quebec that is the province where this is the most commonplace. That said, Ross stated that he could not explain why this is the case, nor does he know why that province is always at the top of the list from one year to the next.

The home insurance firm has released a number of tips to homeowners in order to help them to be able to keep their properties and possessions safe every day, as well as while on vacation. The top recommendation was for a 24 hour guarded alarm system, for those who can afford it. Upgrades to door and window locking mechanisms – preferably those that will include deadbolts – is also recommended.

While away, the lights should be left on timers to make it appear as though someone is home. The newspaper and flyers should be picked up by someone and a car should be left in the driveway. The homeowners insurance company also highly recommended keeping away from social media. The most obvious thing that can be done to signal that a person will be away from home is to post upcoming vacations as well as updates regarding the progress of the trip as it is happening. This is only confirmation that no one is in the house.

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