State-run health insurance exchanges contain security flaw

health insurance website problem security alert computer
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An investigation has discovered that the California, Vermont and Kentucky sites left personal data vulnerable. In a recent investigation of state-run health insurance exchange websites, “significant cybersecurity weaknesses” were discovered in California, Vermont and Kentucky, according to federal officials. These flaws in the websites may have left the personal information of residents of those states open to hackers. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) discovered the vulnerabilities. This independent agency functions as a watchdog organization over Congress. The investigation it conducted looked into the health insurance exchange websites of the individual…

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Federal health insurance exchange opened for previews yesterday

Health Insurance exchange marketplaces

Over the weekend, the marketplace website opened its doors for window shoppers to have a look. Consumers living in the 38 states that are served by the federal health insurance exchange are now able to have an advance look at how the website works and what it will have to offer when the open enrollment period begins with the start of November. This will allow them to get a feel for the new site’s navigation and calculate what out of pocket costs would be. Officials from the Department of Health…

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Health insurance plans purchased by over one million Americans

health insurance enrollment

According to Obama, much of this figure came from the over 500,000 who signed up on the federal site this month. According to a statement made by President Barack Obama, over one million people have now purchased their health insurance plans on the exchanges across the country, with over half of that number coming from the federal website, throughout the month of December. Despite a very rocky start, it does look as though enrollment has considerably picked up. The president revealed hints at these figures that had been tightly…

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Health insurance website is the focus of new federal push

health insurance agents websites

Now that the site has been redone and is working, it is the center of a new campaign. As of yesterday, the Obama administration has launched a brand new campaign to promote the use and the benefits of the health insurance website that has now been repaired after a very difficult first couple of months, and to underscore the advantages of the president’s signature healthcare reforms. The new push is aimed to put the technical problems and cancelled policies in the past. This new campaign for the federal health…

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Colorado health insurance is very far from meeting its enrollment needs

Colorado Health Insurance

At the moment, only about 6,000 people have enrolled, but it requires over 136,000 to meet its goals. The Colorado health insurance exchange is well behind its goals for encouraging individuals throughout the state to enroll in their coverage in order to comply with the so called individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act. Far fewer consumers are purchasing the coverage that they need to comply with the healthcare reforms than expected. In fact, at the moment, the estimates of the Colorado health insurance exchange’s performance are that the enrollment…

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Health insurance exchange site failure warnings made in March

health insurance website problem security alert computer

Consultants hired for the website cautioned federal officials about the site’s weaknesses early in the year. Documents that were recently released by congressional Republicans have revealed that the White House and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services received notification from the consultants hired by the federal government that the health insurance exchange website was at risk of failure. These warning notices were received by the federal government as early as March, this year. The warnings were made by McKinsey & Co., consultants that the federal government had hired.…

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Healthcare reforms website outages slow progress and repairs

Health care Reform

That said, officials are insisting that the federal exchange site will be smoothly operational by the end of the month. The insurance exchange portion of the healthcare reforms has not experienced the strongest introduction to the American public, as the federal website has seen nothing but outages and errors, but the officials from the Obama administration are still certain that the site will be back on track by November’s end. The fixes have been delayed by the outages that the site has experienced, but they are moving ahead. Though the…

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