Fraud and Scams That Can Easily Hit You or Your Family and How to Protect Yourselves

In a world with ever-changing and advancing technology, our habits and schedules regularly shift. The way we utilize that technology changes regularly, and often for the better. But, as technology shifts, so do various fraud and scam operations.  Thanks to generational gaps, fraud and scam techniques can affect anyone in your family, from your senior parents to your children. It’s crucial to be vigilant when it comes to both old and new “techniques” scammers like to use. Educating yourself and the people you love can make a big difference when…

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Health insurance is among the top three forms of robocall scams

robocall scams - health insurance phone scams

A recent study identified the most common types of fraud involving automated telephone solicitation. Robocall scams are becoming increasingly problematic, particularly as our phones are with us everywhere these days, not just at home. New research from an Arkansas-based call management firm looked into the most common types of these automated phone scams. These phone scams are designed to trick people into handing over money or identity information. The First Orion robocall scams study showed that health insurance, Amazon, student loans and free vacations are among the main subjects of…

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FTC issues warning about health insurance scams

Small Business health insurance

States are promoting their insurance exchanges, but consumers could be at risk of exploitation Many states in the U.S. are beginning to promote their health insurance exchange ahead of a new open enrollment period, but consumers are being warned that they could be taken advantage of by scams. The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning about insurance scams that seek to prey on those that are shopping for policies through state-based exchange marketplaces. These exchanges will begin selling coverage in November, and those that are not careful about how…

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Protect Yourself From Health Insurance Scams

Online health insurance scams can be avoided

The U.S. health care system has changed significantly since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. The federal law introduced many changes to the insurance space and health care market and helped change the way that people shop for health insurance coverage. With the launch of insurance exchanges, new marketplaces were opened up to consumers, but these exchanges also represented a promising opportunity for scammers that are looking to exploit a person’s private information. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission recently issued a warning about the growing prevalence of insurance scams,…

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Health insurance scams may emerge as exchange pick up momentum

Health Insurance Exchange

Consumers warned to be cautious of health insurance scams Health insurance exchanges have officially launched throughout the U.S. as part of the Affordable Care Act. The exchanges are meant to provide people throughout the country with access to affordable health insurance plans. So far, these exchanges have been quite popular, with consumers flocking to the virtual marketplaces to find policies. In New York’s exchange, more than 10 million people attempted to purchase coverage through the state’s exchange on its first day. While these health insurance exchanges seem popular with consumers,…

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