2 in 3 Americans don’t understand health insurance options if they lose coverage

Health insurance options - Not knowing options

New research shows that 68 percent don’t know what they could do if their plan wasn’t available. The majority of Americans don’t know what health insurance options are available to them in the incident that they lose their existing coverage. This is a troubling statistic as this scenario is currently an unfortunate reality for millions of Americans. Layoffs resulting from the pandemic have left many people without their employer sponsored health plans. Regardless, only just under 1 in 3 people know the options available to them. The healthinsurance.com survey determined…

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Health insurance options limitations annoys small businesses

washington health insurance exchange

As of next year, the only state (aside from two counties) without a “SHOP” will be Washington. In 2014, other than two counties near the border of Oregon, the only state that won’t have a Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), will be Washington, which means that the small employers across that state won’t have health insurance options that will bring them the federal tax credits that would help to keep the cost of the coverage for their workers down under the Affordable Care Act. Although the state has dozens…

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Health insurance co-ops offer an alternative to exchanges

health insurance options

Health insurance co-ops are receiving little attention despite the benefits they offer Health insurance exchanges are receiving a great deal of attention throughout the U.S., but these marketplaces are not the only way for consumers to obtain coverage. Health insurance co-ops are another option that could offer coverage to consumers looking for affordable policies. These co-ops are generally non-profit organizations that are managed by their members, offering more consumer-oriented insurance plans than their counterparts in the private market. These co-ops have received relatively little attention when compared to exchanges. Co-ops…

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The latest battle over Maine health insurance bill

As health care reform continues to be a hotly contested issue throughout the nation, Maine is embroiled in its own battle regarding the state’s health insurance regulations. Earlier this week, a bill was introduced that would seek to overhaul the current regulatory standard in the hopes of increasing competition in the state’s health insurance market, thereby driving down insurance rates. Introduced by Representative Jonathan McKane (R), the bill has received rigid opposition from Democrats who say that consumer protections are being put at risk.  The promise that the bill will…

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