Graham-Cassidy health care bill may doom future GOP attempts to kill ACA

John McCain vs Graham-Cassidy health care bill

Insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, patient groups and even John McCain have vehemently opposed the bill. The Graham-Cassidy health care bill is facing widespread opposition from many directions, including from a key member of the Republican party. Should this most recent effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) fail, it may prove to be the end of the effort. Hospitals, doctors, health insurance companies and other groups rallied together to oppose the bill. This represents an alliance of groups that are very rarely all on the same side. However, the…

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GOP health care repeal fails again, frustrating Republicans

Donald Trump - health care repeal

Party members have been expressing their disappointment, embarrassment and irritation with their leaders. Following the latest health care repeal failure, Republicans are expressing their frustration, embarrassment and even fear to their party leaders. Many have now stated that they feel the promise their party has been making for years – to remove significant portions of the Affordable Care Act – is as close to death as it has ever been. President trump has blamed the Democrats and “a few Republicans” for defeating this central component of his agenda. The Affordable…

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Health insurance exchange in Tennessee could be blocked

Tennessee Health Insurance

Senator Brian Kelsey has proposed a bill that would stop the state from being able to launch its own marketplace. Tennessee Senator Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown), who played a central role in ending Governor Bill Haslam’s (R) Medicaid extension plan for 280,000 residents of the state within low incomes, is now setting his sights on 230,000 people who already have coverage under the federal health insurance exchange. The bill that Sen. Kelsey has proposed would block the state from forming its own online insurance marketplace. The state of Tennessee would not…

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Legislation to give California insurance regulators more power is pulled from the Legislature

For the past several months, California legislators have been toiling over a bill that would give the state’s insurance regulators expansive new powers. The bill would have expanded upon regulator’s authority and enabled them to reject or revive insurance rate proposals from the state’s insurance companies. The bill has generated a fair amount of opposition, especially from insurers who are loathe to see regulators wielding more authority. Now the future of the bill is uncertain, as its author, Assemblyman Mike Feuer of Los Angeles, pulls it from consideration. Feuer’s legislation…

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