Cell phone insurance claims are proving to be quite unique

Cell Phone Insurance

Mobile devices are finding themselves in some odd and often funny circumstances. The decision as to whether or not to purchase cell phone insurance is becoming a regular thing, and one with which many consumers struggle because it isn’t necessarily a cheap form of coverage. But as past claims have shown, it is very common for smartphones to stop functioning before their time. Though cell phone insurance may not be the cheapest one out there, claim records from various insurers that offer the product have shown that mobiles can find…

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Travel insurance claims can be very strange

Travel insurance claims

Every year, insurers release the details of some of their more bizarre filings. Vacationers always experience strange things while they’re away from home, and those with travel insurance may need to make a claim, which, at times, means that the details of the story could end up on one of the strangest filing lists. Allianz Global Assistance has released its own bizarre claims, which include the following. • A tourist was held at gunpoint in the New York subway system by a gunman who was dressed in a large, smiling,…

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Funny but strange auto insurance claims associated with animals

Auto vs pet insurance claims Admiral Insurance has released a report that includes the 12 most unusual auto insurance claims that have involved animals since the start of 2012. Within the last two years, for example, peacocks have been associated with claims on four separate occasions. In one case, the peacock clawed at the car when it saw its own reflection in the paint. In another instance, pet peacocks broke loose and damaged a vehicle parked in their neighbor’s driveway. Dogs have also been frequently associated with claims, including when…

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Veterinary Pet Insurance sponsors contest for oddest claim

Veterinary Pet Insurance is sponsoring a competition that allows the public to vote online on the insurer’s website on the oddest pet insurance claims. The winner of the contest obtains the VPI Hambone Award, which will be awarded on September 21, 2011. The annual award received its name from the scenario presented by its first winner, which was a dog that had been trapped inside a refrigerator and who ate a full Thanksgiving ham twhile it was there. Other past winners of the VIP Hambone Award have included a Labrador…

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