Funny but strange auto insurance claims associated with animals

Auto vs pet insurance claims

pet insurance claimsAdmiral Insurance has released a report that includes the 12 most unusual auto insurance claims that have involved animals since the start of 2012.

Within the last two years, for example, peacocks have been associated with claims on four separate occasions. In one case, the peacock clawed at the car when it saw its own reflection in the paint. In another instance, pet peacocks broke loose and damaged a vehicle parked in their neighbor’s driveway.

Dogs have also been frequently associated with claims, including when a driver was distracted because they were stroking their pet and ended up crashing. There was also a case when a passenger who thought he was picking up a puppy, instead pulled the emergency handbrake causing the vehicle to careen into another car.

A nest of mice ate through a Lancia Delta Integrale car during the time that it was being kept in dry storage. The rodents made their way right through the leather upholstery as well as the foam padding in the two front seats. They also ate most of the rear seats and pulled all of the leather away from each of the four door cards.

A camel and elephant tied at the side of the road distracted a driver who the crashed into a billboard nearby.

There was even a case where a driver struck a telephone pole in an attempt to swat a fly that was trapped inside the car. Similarly, a spider dangling from a web hanging from the rearview mirror startled a driver who then caused a multi-car accident.

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