Cell phone insurance claims are proving to be quite unique

Cell Phone Insurance

Mobile devices are finding themselves in some odd and often funny circumstances.

The decision as to whether or not to purchase cell phone insurance is becoming a regular thing, and one with which many consumers struggle because it isn’t necessarily a cheap form of coverage.

But as past claims have shown, it is very common for smartphones to stop functioning before their time.

Though cell phone insurance may not be the cheapest one out there, claim records from various insurers that offer the product have shown that mobiles can find themselves in the strangest circumstances. Though most claims may not be as ridiculous as some of the more outlandish ones, it is still common enough for devices to be dropped and strike bare concrete hard enough to cease their functioning.

A cell phone insurance company in the U.K. has released this year’s funniest claims.

Among these odd cell phone insurance claims is one that was made by a farmer, who was using a torch app on his mobile to help to see when one of his cows was calving. Unfortunately, the device went missing into the back end of the beast. Though it was later “returned” to the farmer, it was no longer in proper condition for use.

In another case, a woman was baking a sponge cake for her daughter’s birthday when she discovered that she’d baked the device into the dessert. Naturally, the mobile was no longer functioning after enduring that level of heat.

A woman claimed to have been walking her dog on Barry Island beach in Wales, when a bird – which she said was a seagull – swooped down at her and snatched her mobile right out of her hand. In a similar story, a man who was visiting a safari park was filming monkeys from his car window when one of the animals climbed onto the roof of the vehicle and grabbed it away.

In the heat of an argument with her boyfriend, a woman threw her mobile at him when she discovered that he had been cheating on her. She didn’t hit him, but the device struck a wall and broke.

These are far from the only strange cell phone insurance claims, but they do illustrate how easily the devices can be unexpectedly damaged or go missing.

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