Florida no fault car insurance repeal moves ahead in state Senate

florida no fault auto insurance
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Senator Tom Lee (R-Brandon) introduced the bill in the hopes of controlling skyrocketing premiums. The no fault car insurance bill meant to repeal the current system in Florida has cleared an important Senate committee. Should it become law, it would mean that drivers will need to purchase bodily injury coverage. The primary hurdle so far has been the argument that lawsuits and premiums would rise further. Many of the objections have come directly from insurance representatives. Should the no fault car insurance be repealed, it would mean that drivers in…

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Website reiterates Florida’s opposition to a health insurance exchange

Health Insurance exchange marketplaces

State-run health insurance exchange has no future in Florida The Florida Senate has launched a new website concerning the Affordable Care Act and the state’s ongoing opposition to the federal law. The website reiterates the state’s stance on a health insurance exchange, noting that the state will not actually build or operate an exchange in any way. Florida is one of several states that has chosen not to run its own exchange program. Instead, this burden will fall to the federal government, which will be responsible for operating the exchange…

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