Nearly 100 insurance rate increases get the nod in Florida

Insurance rate increases - Florida neighborhood

The state Office of Insurance Regulation green lighted the hikes, suggesting a struggling sector. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has given its approval to almost 100 property insurance rate increases across the state. This indicates that the industry conditions in the state have reached a difficult point. The approvals were issued to dozens of homeowners and business insurers that filed for the hikes. According to a report published by News 6 WKMG, dozens of property insurers filed court documents with the intention of obtaining approval for insurance rate increases…

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Florida Insurance Commissioner promises balance in Citizens rate increases

In the wake of one of the largest insurance rate increases to hit the state, Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance has been the subject of criticism from the public and state regulators. The state-run insurance company recently received approval to hike up the premiums for sinkhole coverage by an average of 429%. These rates have yet to take effect, a fact that Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty has been keen to express. The Commissioner has vowed to ensure that the steep rate hike is to be phased in slowly, hoping to ease…

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Citizens Property Insurance of Florida proposes rate increases averaging 428% for sinkhole policies

Sinkholes have been quite troublesome in Florida recently. Earlier in the year, the state was inundated with insurance claims regarding damages caused by sinkholes. The majority of these claims, however, were fraudulent, as regulators discovered little to no evidence of sinkholes when investigating properties claiming to have suffered damage. The overwhelming number of falsified claims coming from property owners has caused many insurers to limit the extent of their coverage or otherwise raise the premiums associated with sinkhole insurance. Citizens Property Insurance, the state-funded insurance program, too will be raising…

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