Florida homeowners insurance exchange seeks providers

Florida homeowners insurance, Citizens Property

Homeowners insurance exchange picks up momentum in Florida Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance has been experiencing major renovations in recent years. The state-run organization accounts for the majority of homeowners insurance policies in Florida, but has been strapped with serious financial issues that have left it somewhat crippled. Florida lawmakers have been forcing change upon the organization in an effort to mitigate its financial risk. In some cases, this had led to higher homeowners insurance rates, but Citizens Property Insurance may soon offer affordable coverage for consumers through its new exchange.…

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Homeowners insurance reforms needed in Florida, says Governor

Insurance Industry Climate change

Gov. Scott and a panel of lawmakers have called for changes that will provide greater awareness. Governor Rick Scott, along with a number of lawmakers in Florida, have announced that they will be seeking to provide residents of the state with better education regarding the hidden costs linked with homeowners insurance and the “house of cards” that will collapse in the wake of a major storm. The governor spoke at a summit at Disney for the Florida Chamber of Commerce. He explained that solid efforts are required to make certain…

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Esurance begins offering homeowner’s insurance policies in Florida

American homeowners insurance rates - House

Esurance, the acclaimed car insurance provider, has announced that it will be branching out into the homeowner’s insurance sector in Florida. The company is partnering with Security First Insurance, a well establish home insurer in the state. In teaming with Security First, Esurance hopes to bring a new line of affordable insurance options to the state’s homeowners. The company will also be providing discount for properties at risk of being damaged by hurricanes or wildfires. Security First will be underwriting the insurance policies, which will be tailored to cater to…

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Coastal area residents should prepare for the worst

The impending hurricane season is expected to be one of the most active in years, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).While it is impossible to predetermine whether hurricanes forming in the Atlantic Ocean will ever reach land, NOAA is advising residents of coastal areas to be prepared for the worst. The Insurance Information Institute recently released a statement regarding the importance of adequate property insurance, particularly for those living in Florida. According to the Institute, there are many things to consider when preparing for hurricanes. Florida has…

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