FEMA moves forward with its own flood insurance changes

Flood Insurance Changes - Boots underwater

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has decided to take NFIP tweaks into its own hands. The Federal Emergency Management Agency revealed its intentions to make a number of flood insurance changes. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is facing massive and rising debt levels. There are many flaws in the program causing it to become unnecessarily expensive. Therefore, FEMA decided to help make changes to bring significant funding back to NFIP. The idea behind the latest flood insurance changes is to draw more private funds into the government-led coverage market.…

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Flood insurance program changes could increase rates

Flood Insurance

The national program will be facing some alterations and this could impact the amount paid for coverage. As today is the official start of the hurricane season and homeowners are being cautioned that there are some changes that are on the way for the National Flood Insurance program (NFIP) because it could impact the rates that they are paying. This is especially true in areas of considerably higher risk, such as in the South of Florida. The flood insurance claims that came swamping in following Superstorm Sandy made FEMA have…

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