Washington state puts NRA gun insurance under the microscope

NRA gun insurance - Magnifying glass

The branded insurance program is being accused of providing coverage for criminal conduct. Washington state has launched an investigation into an NRA gun insurance policy. The examination follows criticisms claiming the coverage provides protection for criminal conduct. The policy is a branded form of coverage for gun owners, called Carry Guard Insurance. The Carry Guard insurance policy advertises “We prepare for so much that leads up to pulling the trigger. Are you prepared for what happens after?” through a marketing video. The NRA gun insurance policy can be purchased online…

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Liability insurance requirements for guns up for consideration in Washington DC

liability insurance mandatory coverage

Mandatory liability insurance for gun owners proposed in DC Washington D.C. may become the first in the U.S. to make liability insurance for gun owners mandatory. The D.C. Council is currently considering a proposal that would require those that own firearms to purchase and maintain liability insurance coverage. This issue has been gaining more attention in recent months, following a spate of school shootings. Gun control has become a divisive topic throughout the country, with supporters and opponents adopting fairly extreme stances on the issue. The D.C. Council believes that…

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Gun insurance proposal in Massachusetts opposed by insurers

Gun Insurance - massachusetts

The controversy in the state continues as Rep. Linsky says that it would help to boost firearm safety. Two groups that have taken on the responsibility of representing the majority of Massachusetts insurers have announced that they oppose a new proposal in the legislature that would require firearm owners to buy a special gun insurance. This liability coverage would be required for owners in the state if the proposal is approved. The reason that they gave for their opposition to the gun insurance is that they do not support any…

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Gun insurance bill in New York to require liability coverage

gun insurance new york

The new proposal from State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz suggests that owners will need to be covered. Bill S2353 has just been introduced into the New York State Assembly by Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn), which would make it required for residents of the state to have to obtain liability gun insurance in order to be able to own a firearm. The bill identifies not only the minimum coverage but also the consequences for failure to buy a policy. This new gun insurance bill stated that owners will need to purchase and…

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Liability insurance for guns proposed by federal lawmakers in the US

gun liability insurance

Lawmakers consider liability insurance a solution to the gun control issue Gun control has been a very hot topic in the U.S. The country has seen a spate of violent crimes associated with guns in recent months, some of which have sparked public outcry for stricter measures to control the availability of various types of firearms throughout the country. The issue has become controversial due to the second amendment of the U.S. constitution. Federal lawmakers have been struggling with the issue since public outcry for gun control has begun, and…

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