Liability insurance for guns proposed by federal lawmakers in the US

gun liability insurance

gun liability insuranceLawmakers consider liability insurance a solution to the gun control issue

Gun control has been a very hot topic in the U.S. The country has seen a spate of violent crimes associated with guns in recent months, some of which have sparked public outcry for stricter measures to control the availability of various types of firearms throughout the country. The issue has become controversial due to the second amendment of the U.S. constitution. Federal lawmakers have been struggling with the issue since public outcry for gun control has begun, and some legislators believe that liability insurance may be the answer.

Legislative action sparked by recent crimes

Federal lawmakers have introduced a new legislation that would make it mandatory for all American firearm owners to carry liability insurance for their weapons. The legislation is linked to the December 14 shooting at a school in Newton, Connecticut, in which 20 children lost their lives. Lawmakers believe that some form of liability insurance would help introduce more control over certain market forces and provide a gun control solution that may be more appeasing to the general public.

Liability insurance could be a viable form of gun control

Proponents of the legislation suggest that liability insurance coverage is a viable form of gun control. The federal government already requires such insurance coverage for vehicles throughout the country. Lawmakers expect nationwide liability insurance requirements for guns would become equally accepted among consumers as auto insurance requirements have become. Liability insurance regulations for guns have been introduced in California, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Connecticut in recent months.

Legislative measure likely to see resistance on constitutional grounds

No state has ever approved of a gun liability insurance legislation in the history of the U.S. Over the past decade, several such legislations have been rejected throughout the country, 15 of which coming from New York. Opponents of such measures suggest that liability insurance would limit people’s constitutional rights by imposing financial pressure on those that choose to own guns. Another issue is that insurance companies cannot be forced to offer gun liability insurance companies, thus further limiting people’s ability to purchase and own firearms.


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