Health care reform in Michigan may not see large enrollment increases

Health Care Reform Updates

An exec in the state has suggested that she has doubts about the number of sign ups to come before March 31. In order to comply with the federal health care reform law throughout the United States, people without insurance now have only two and a half more months to enroll into the government subsidized plans in order to avoid facing a tax penalty. That said, a Michigan insurance executive has expressed doubts regarding the new enrollment that will occur. Joan Budden, the chief marketing officer of Priority Health has…

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Health insurance exchanges become subject of political attacks

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Health insurance exchanges are gaining more attention The Affordable Care Act has been a major point of contention in U.S. politics since 2010. The federal law seeks to make significant changes to health insurance and the country’s health care structure, with a strong focus on making health insurance coverage more available to consumers throughout the country. One of the primary provisions of the federal law tasks states with playing host to health insurance exchange programs. These exchanges are meant to serve as marketplaces where consumers can find the affordable coverage…

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Healthcare reforms will ensure rehab services of celebrity quality

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The new federal coverage laws will ensure that citizens will have the same services Cory Monteith is using. The importance of rehab services has been in the spotlight this week as Cory Monteith, of Glee fame, completed his own stint to recover from drug abuse, and at the same time, it has brought the healthcare reforms and their addiction coverage into the spotlight. The changes to the law, which will go into effect next year, will make sure these services are available to everyone. The lead actor may be an…

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Affordable Care Act stirring rage in California

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Affordable Care Act spurs insurers to raise rates Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, health insurance companies have been warning of a nationwide rate increase that could introduce new financial pressures to consumers throughout the U.S. Insurers claim that the provisions of the health care law are responsible for the possibility of higher rates. The law requires insurance companies to take more aggressive measures on the types of coverage they provide, the administration of the companies themselves, as well as expand the eligibility of insurance coverage.…

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California health care reform moves on

California health care reform

Obama victory adds momentum to California heatlh care reform efforts President Obama has won a second term, and this may be good news for California lawmakers who are eager to institute the next phase of their California health care reform plans. California is one of several states that has been making quick and decisive progress on complying with the Affordable Care Act. The state was the first in the country to pass laws concerning the establishment of its own health insurance exchange, and now lawmakers are looking to take advantage…

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