New insurance program pilot being tested on WV livestock farms

farm insurance program news

The goal of this new strategy is to be able to offer producers in the state a way to mitigate financial risk. A group of West Virginia livestock producers are now taking part in the pilot of an insurance program that has been designed to help them to be able to mitigate certain financial risks that they have been facing. The program is based on an effort to broaden the information available to help when making payments. The Rainfall Index Pasture, Rangeland, Forage insurance program bases its payments on a…

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Insurance news from Kenya reveals importance of coverage for herders

Kenya farmers insurance news

Goat farmers in the African country are finding great benefit in the protection they now have against drought. Kenyan goat herders are now enjoying some very positive insurance news as a drought coverage plan that was developed by professors at Cornell is now starting to prove its worth in protecting them against unpredictable and unavoidable dry weather conditions. For most of the Kenyan farmers who now have the coverage, this is the first time that they have had protection. The last dry season was detrimental to livestock for many Kenyan…

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Crop insurance gets bigger as the latest farm bill’s costs rise

crop insurance program

The federally subsidized program will now offer a minimum of three new forms of protection. The most costly part of the safety net for American farmers, the federally subsidized crop insurance program, will now have at least three new forms of coverage available to growers across the country. The farm bill draft is currently pending in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. It has been suggested that the new form of crop insurance could generate a cost that is 10 percent higher than the expense it currently generates.…

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Crop insurance program in Rwanda uses satellites

Crop Insurance

Weather technology will be helping to support the coverage that will be provided through the government. The government of Rwanda has now introduced a new crop insurance program for growers that is supported by satellite weather stations that will be keeping tabs on the precise impact that heavy rains and drought have on farming efforts. The coverage is geared toward protecting and learning from small sized farms within this Central African country. The country’s farmers have been plagued with devastating natural events such as the current drought in the south…

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Latest insurance news report shows crop subsidy cap could create $1 billion in annual savings

Crop Insurance cuts

Crop insurance news update The latest Congressional auditors insurance news report, which is set to be released on April 19, 2012, will show that if there is a reduction in the subsidies given to large farms to pay for most of their crop coverage, the federal government would see an annual savings of approximately $1 billion. This report suggested that the government could cap the maximum amount to be paid to farmers every year through this subsidy at $40,000, in a similar way to the caps made by the government…

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