Health insurance may still be problematic for young adults in the US

Health Insurance News

Young people could still face some challenges with health insurance coverage One of the primary tenets of the Affordable Care Act is to make health insurance coverage more available to a wider range of consumers throughout the U.S. Part of this goal is meant to be accomplished by making young adults more eligible for health insurance coverage that they need. The health care law has, thus far, made it easier for these people to receive such coverage by allowing them to stay on the health insurance plans of their parents…

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High deductible and consumer-driven employee insurance plans growing slowly but surely

The Employee Benefit Research Institute has released a new study concerning the changes seen in employee health insurance plans seen over the last year. The study shows that the changes have been relatively small, but they have had some impact on the insurance market. High deductible insurance plans are beginning to grow, according to the study, though traditional insurance plans – those with low deductibles – continue to dominate the market. The research institute claims that high deductible plans may overtake more conventional plans by the end of next year.…

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