Electric vehicles also come with higher auto insurance premiums

electric vehicles insurance premium and how they defer

Research shows that those with electric vehicles pay more for their insurance coverage Research from NerdWallet suggests that those with electric vehicles have higher auto insurance premiums. The organization has compared the premiums that drivers of electric vehicles and those with conventional vehicles experience. The reason why electric vehicles are attached to higher auto insurance premiums is due to the relatively high costs associated with operating and maintaining these vehicles. Repairing an electric car can be a costly process, which could lead to financial losses for insurance providers, which has…

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Auto insurance for electric cars has certain additional implications

electric car auto insurance

  Being eco friendly also means that you need to understand your coverage. After many struggles over several decades, the electric car is finally starting to get some mainstream attention, but many would-be drivers are still finding that the cost of auto insurance is holding them back from purchasing the vehicles that they would like to drive. The cost of insuring these vehicles – which are already on the pricy side – is presenting a setback. Though slow progress is being made in the introduction of electric cars as people…

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Owners of electric vehicles seeing unexpected benefits with their auto insurance

Electric Car Insurance

Auto insurance and electric vehicles are a powerful match Electric vehicles are becoming more popular despite their relatively high cost and the still maturing infrastructure meant to support them. Some consumers have chosen electric vehicles for their environmentally friendly nature, while most others have pegged them as a way to save on fuel costs. Whatever the case may be, owners of electric vehicles are reaping some unexpected rewards, which are quite apparent on the auto insurance bills. Indeed, consumers are seeing savings on their insurance premiums simply by driving electric…

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Electric Insurance Company releases new mobile app

The Electric Insurance Company has unveiled their new mobile app called Always On, which will help its customers to gain access to a number of self-service features through the use of their Apple smartphone or tablet device. This app is designed for ease of use and allows policyholders to quickly submit an auto claim, exchange insurance information with another person, check the status of coverage, call for services relating to roadside assistance, schedule an appointment for glass repair, as well as many other features. It also includes a unique feature…

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