Department of Transportation looks to ban use of cell phones while driving

Distracted Driving Statistics

Secretary LaHood campaigns for national ban on mobile device use while driving The U.S. Department of Transportation has called for a nationwide ban on the use of mobile devices whilst driving. Distracted driving has been cited as a major contributor to auto accidents throughout the country. These accidents have long been a thorn in the side of the auto insurance industry, but insurers have been divided on whether mobile devices played a significant role in distracted driving. A national ban on the use of mobile technology while driving could have…

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Insurance Institute calls bans on mobile devices useless

States throughout the U.S. are beginning to adopt strict rules concerning the use of mobile devices whilst driving, as recommended by the National Transportation Safety Board. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, however, claims that bans on mobile devices simply do not work. The Institute, which is financially backed by auto insurers, argues that the states that currently have laws banning mobile devices do not have lower crash rates than states without such laws. The Institute’s claims are backed by studies done by the group regarding crash rates and how…

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